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Singing draws people together.

Thank you for your support and encouragement from all over the World.

After March 11, a number of choirs in Japan sang at evacuation centers, and held a concert in their hometown to raise money for disaster-hit areas.

Now we are sure music has power to get people together and bring about hope and encouragement to people.

The next competition will be a memorial event held one year after the quake. We would like to tell how people were dedicated to support us, and say “Thank you” to all in the forthcoming Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition (FVEC).

■ Thank you for your support !

We graciously thank all of the companies and choirs for having made a donation to restart the FVEC. The competition was due to start one week before the quake hit. FVEC 2012 was held to share joy of singing again with people all around the world.

Pana Musica Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Shoko Kaikan
Kobun Junior High School Choir

Kobun Junior High School Choir

Kobun Junior High School Choir, who would have participated in the previous competition, made a donation, heading a campaign at their school entrance and the school concert. They also gave us the very touching letters. Thank you!

■ Thank you for the messages!

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Sakuradai Junior High School Choir gave us a big message poster. We will post it in the prefectural government hall and the FVEC, Fukushima Music City Hall

More messages to the Fukushima Music City Hall

Pray for Fukushima

Please send your messages to us.
Your words encourage singers, players and music lovers in Fukushima.

The Executive Committee of the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition
(Cultural Promotion Division of the Fukushima Prefectural Government)

2-16 Sugitsuma Town, Fukushima City Fukushima Prefecture 960-8670 Japan
e-mail bunka@pref.fukushima.jp

Fukushima Prefecture

Thank you for your support!

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