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Fukushima and the power of Music

Fukushima is located in the north-east region of Japan and is approximately 200km from Tokyo. The “city” of Fukushima is in the middle of the “prefecture” of Fukushima, and the Fukushima Music Hall is more than 60km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Plant.

Although there is no restriction advised on Fukushima city, we keep monitoring radiation doses cautiously to ensure visitors' safety.

 Radiation dose rates in the venue and rehearsal rooms
 Radiation dose rates in Fukushima city (Japanese)

*Typical dose rates experienced / UNSCEAR
External dose rate from natural background  0.06-0.2 µSv/h
During an airplane flight   3.00 µSv/h

Fukushima is known as the Kingdom of Choirs. We have a number of award-winning choirs and music lovers.

We are sure music has the power to get people together and bring about hope and encouragement.

We are now rebuilding Fukushima with the help of music.

 Aizu-Wakamatsu, which used to be a castle town during the Edo Period(1603-1867)

 Fukushima is an “onsen(hot spring)” kingdom with 139 gushing hot springs.

■ Access

   Approx. 2hr 10min (Suspended)
   Approx. 2hr 50min (Suspended)
   Approx. 1hr 15min
   Approx. 1hr 5min

From Fukushima Airport

Approx. 75min to the hotel in Fukushima city by complimentary taxi

From Narita Airport

Route 1

Narita Airport - Tokyo Station
Approx.1hr -1hr 30min by Express Train “Narita Express”

Tokyo Station - Fukushima Station
 Approx.1hr.40min by Express Train “Tohoku Shinkansen”

Route 2

Narita Airport - Keisei Ueno Station
Approx.45min - 1hr 50min by Keisei Railway trains

Keisei Ueno Station - Tokyo Station
 Approx. 5min on foot

Tokyo Station - Fukushima Station
 Approx.1hr.40min by Express Train “Tohoku Shinkansen”

Route 3

Narita Airport - Fukushima Station
Approx. 5hrs 20min by Highway Bus (only 2 services a day)

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