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The 5th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition 2012

- Singing draws people together! -

Fukushima City Music Hall
Koriyama Fifth JHS Choir
SHS staff guides & participants

The huge message
from Afumi Vocal Ensemble

Various message cards
from participants

Special gifts to participating choirs,
"singing" tumble doll
They don't fall over and never give up!
"Omotenashi cafe" by Fukushima
Mothers Choral Association
Thank you for coming!
Koriyama SHS Female Choir
Asozu Elementary School
Unique and impressive performance
of "Alian Four Sisters"
"With," Graduates of Asozu Elementary School,
the champion of the 1st annual competition
"Friendship Concert"
Piques Dames(U.S.A)
"Friendship Concert"
Messages to the Governor of Fukushima

"Friendship Concert"
The lyricist of "From dawn to nightfall
...After the disaster"
Mr. Wago Ryoichi's recital

"Friendship Concert"
MC, Mr. Eichi Hoshi,
Vice Director of Fukushima Choral Association
Ms. Rie Kodama,
Announcer of TUF
"Friendship Concert"
"From dawn to nightfall...After the disaster"
by the Fukushima Joint Choirs and participants from all over Japan

Music by Mr. Takatomi Nobunaga, Words by Mr. Ryoichi Wago

"Joint Rehearsal"
Ms. Chiiko Kobari,
Vice Director of Fukushima Choral Association
Mr. Eichi Hoshi,
Vice Director of Fukushima Choral Association


"Award Ceremony" *From left
Mr. Satoru Kobayashi,
Secretary General of Fukushima Choral Association
Mr. Masayuki Tanabe,
Seceretary General of Japan Choral Association
Mr. Keichi Asai,
Director of Japan Choral Association

"Award Ceremony" Mr. Bob Chilcott
"Award Ceremony"

"Mass Singing"
"From dawn to Nightfall.. After the Disaster"

"Mass Singing"
Conductor: Mr. Masami Kannno,
Director of Fukushima Choral Association
   "Grand Finale"
Mass Singing with the judges, participating choirs and audience.
Thank you for your support and encouragement!
Now your messages can be seen in the Fukushim prefectural government hall.

Fukushima Prefecture

Thank you for your support!

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The 6th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition
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