Preliminary Screening

Applicants have to be approved through the preliminary screening.


Applications for the preliminary screening;

a. An Application form written in English

b. A recent recording of the choir recorded by 2-16 expected singers, after April 2014. 

c. One digital photo showing the choir


*The screening process will be conducted anonymously. Therefore, the choir’s name and any other sounds except the performance must not be recorded on the CD etc.

*The time of performance shall be within 10 minutes, and the choral pieces can be different from the ones to be performed in the competition. The each piece must be recorded on separate tracks.

*The recording media shall be either a cassette tape, a CD(CD-DA format) or a MD. DVDs are not acceptable. The recording media will not be returned.

All applications should be sent by registered post, by October 31st 2014, at the latest. The result of the preliminary screening will be announced by November 30th, 2014 at the latest.


Choirs which are selected should provide the following documents to the organizer’s address no later than December 15th, 2014.


Registration Documents;

a. Fully completed registration forms.
b. 7 original scores for the category competition
c. A bank cheque or proof of bank transfer covering the participation fee. 

Participation Fee

For participation in the competition, a non-refundable participation fee of JPY 20,000 has to be paid per choir after being selected through the preliminary screening. Any banking costs that arise must be paid by the applicant.


The registration fee JPY 20,000 per choir covers;
a. Free entry to the competitions and Friendship Concert, Welcome Party and Workshop for each choir member including the accompanist and the conductor.
b. Program booklet per choir member
c. CD recorded by the authorized agent
d. Photo taken by the authorized agent 

Accommodation / Transport / Meals

The organizer provides the following package.


NO. Package Room 3 nights
per person
Additional day per person
1 Economy Hotel Twin JPY 27,000 JPY  9,000
2 Deluxe Hotel Twin JPY 30,000 JPY 10,000
3 Single JPY 33,000 JPY 11,000


This package includes;

a. Accommodations for 3 nights, March 20-22

b.10 Meals

 3 x breakfast, 4 x lunch, 3 x dinner
 (from lunch on March 20 to lunch on March 23)
 including dinner at Welcome Party and lunch at Workshop

c. Local transportation between the hotel and the venue/rehearsal room

d. Rehearsal rooms

e. English speaking guide

Financial Assistance

a. Accommodation
Max JPY 7,000 / person x 3 nights(March 20-22) =JPY 21,000 / person for singers, accompanists and conductors (up to 18 persons), who perform at Friendship Concert, Welcome Party and Workshop as well as the competition.

b. Airfare
MAX JPY60,000 / person (up to JPY500,000 / choir)

for singers, accompanists and conductors, who perform at Friendship Concert, Welcome Party and Workshop as well as the competition. Applicants from a farther place will be selected first.  

For more details, please see the “Conditions of Participation” in the competition brochure.