a. Category I: Ages 12 - 15


b. Category II: Ages 15 – 18


c. Category III Group 1: Ages 6 – 12

d. Category III Group 2: Other than Category I, II and Group1


*Ages are determined as the age of the participant on the day of March 22, 2015.

*Some singers of ages 12-15 (Category I) and ages 15-18(Category II) can participate in Group 1, only if the number of ages 6-12 must be biggest compared to ages 12-15 and ages 15-18 respectively.

*The singers of ages 12-15 (Category I) and ages 15-18(Category II) must sing as a children’s choir, when in Group 1.

*Overseas choirs are highly recommended to enter Category III, Group 1 or 2. Your accommodation fee for March 20-22 will be covered by the organizer. Please refer to the section of Accommodation and Financial Assistance in the "Participation."

The number of singers

2-16 (no fewer than 2 and no more than 16) and member changes for musical pieces will be approved only within the registered members.


a. There is no compulsory work in any category.

b. Performance time
 Category competition     : up to 10 minutes
 Grand Champion Competition : up to 15 minutes

*Tuning musical instruments on stage is included in the performance time.
*Tuning on the wings is not allowed. Only on the stage or in the rehearsal rooms you can tune.


The instruments and style of accompaniment shall be up to each competing choir.

Judging and Evaluation

The following judges will evaluate the competition.

Gunnar Eriksson (Composer・Chorus Master), Shinsuke Kishi (Chorus Master), Tsutomu Matsumura (Chorus Master), Masahiro Sato (Conductor), Fumiya Amamori (Chorus Master), Akira Nishimura (Composer), Akane Nakanishi (Composer)

Grand Champion Competition

Gold titled choirs (top 5 choirs) in each category shall proceed to the Grand Champion Competition on the last day.

At least one choir from either one group shall be qualified for the Grand Champion Competition as an extra Gold winner in Category III, even though they are not selected as top 5 choirs, provided, however, that the number of participating choirs in that group is no fewer than 6.

Prizes and Awards

a. Category Competition
 Gold (Top 5 choirs in each category)
 Prize of Excellency


b. Grand Champion Competition
 1st prize / JPY 500,000 / “Governor of Fukushima” Award
 2nd prize / JPY 300,000 / “Mayor of Fukushima” Award
 3rd prize / JPY 100,000 / “Superintendent of Education” Award
 Other finalists JPY 30,000


For more details, please see the “Competition Rules” in the competition brochure.


Competition Rules / Competition Brochure

Preliminary Screening Application Form

Evaluation System